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Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Cord Disorders
• Cerebral/Spinal Atrophy
• Post Accident Injuries
• Heart - VSD / Bypass / Cholesterol
• Motor Neuron Disease - Optic & Lung
• Joint Pain - Arthritis
• AVN - Hip Joint Necrosis
• Various Chronic Diseases
Kidney Disorders

Condition before the Treatment
diabetes-mellitus Miss Shivani Tatake age 12 yrs. Is a case of Type I Diabetes IDDM-Urine ketones Mellitus with Hypertension. Sugar level went to 540 She required insulin dose around 60 unit’s 4 time daily and taken daily four tablets to control his BP. Her cholesterol level also raised to higher side. Her skin was darken.
Condition after the Treatment

She underwent Ayurved stem cell therapy for all her above problems. After 1 month there was significant improvement in her blood sugar level and reduction of insulin requirement. With control of blood sugar level her symptoms like polyuria, weakness, fatigue improved. Now her cholesterol is also under control. She is very satisfied with Ayurved stem cell therapy that works to improve her quality of life. Now her skin is glowing. Her confidence level is improving. This has helped in developing a new ray of hope in her life.



After Dr. Pathak 's Treatments.

Sugar normal
Sr. calcium 9.50
Sr. cholesterol 220
sugar blood
  Fasting 108
  Postmeal 147
After Dr. Pathak 's Treatments.

Plasma Glucose fasting : H 148
Plasma Glucose PP : H 162
Serum Cholesterol : 136

Hemoglobin  : 12.50
Before Dr. Pathak 's Treatments

11/01/2005   F 147/ 214

After Dr. Pathak 's Treatments

26/07/05   F 106 / 124   after reducing insulin 0.5

16/08/05  F 114/144 after reducing insulin report remain constant.

10/07/05  Hb - 8.8 Calcium - 9.2

After two month Hemoglobin increased by 3.5
17/08/05  Hb - 12.5
Before Dr. Pathak 's Treatments
I was suffering from Diabetes having Blood sugar ( after mills ) pp - 310

After Dr. Pathak 's Treatments
I started taking Pathak 's medicine and the sugar was under control and the pp - 148.9
Before Dr. Pathak 's Treatments
Blood sugar was 341

After Dr. Pathak 's Treatments
Sugar came to Normal
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